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Engine and Component Repairs

Andre Automotives can perform any mobile car repairs or replacements on your car’s engines and their components.
Whether your car has a blown Head Gasket, an oil leak, blowing smoke, making noises or needs a complete Engine engine-and-componentsRecondition, we are eager to help you get back to the road sooner.

We can replace the engine mount, harmonic balancer, timing belt or chain, oil pumps, sump, cylinder head, camshaft, timing cover seal, rear main seal, flex or drive plate, flywheel, lifters, manifold, valve cover gasket or any other seal or gasket.

Andre Automotives only uses high quality parts on your vehicle. We can repair and replace any damaged or worn parts on site through our fully equipped mobile car repair service. All of these services are covered by our 6 months/20,000km warranty.

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